Simple CRM Software Is Better Than Complex, Over-Bloated & Over Developed Software

Ever use software that you think will make your life better but only find out that it actually makes your life harder since it is so cumbersome to use? Why do you think Apple is the most valuable company in the world?  They figured out how to make things simple… they didn’t invent the mobile phone, they just made it brain-dead simple.  Sure, you can still do a lot with it which is very important but the truth is that MOST users of the iPhone probably only do certain functions over 90% of the time and Apple made those functions super easy and simple so that even your Grandma can do it.

Did you know that one of the leading businessman in Microsoft thought the idea of just a screen and a button would flop because no real business person would ever want a mobile phone without a built-in keyboard.  But what he didn’t realize was that people will always choose simplicity over functionality (at least most people do… I realize there are developers out there who like complex things… I’m not talking to you 🙂

Maybe the fact that I’m not a developer has helped us create a very simple CRM software like truLeads.  I like simple software… I absolutely hate using software that feels over-bloated and hard to navigate or use.  So our vision from the beginning has been to create the world’s simplest lead management tool.  Not having a large budget (we have bootstrapped everything with no debt) has allowed us to focus on utter simplicity while making the product better and better over time while listening to our customers.

When it comes to a CRM or lead management we have found that most users do certain, basic things most of the time.  So we want to create a great experience around those functions.  We don’t want to over-complicate things.  Anything we do, we always consider how it will impact the simplicity of our software.

I remember a couple years ago when I had this amazing idea… we should integrate email with truLeads.  So a person with a gmail account could see their emails to leads in truLeads.  I thought this feature would be amazing… but nobody seemed to use it.  It created more problems and questions than solving a problem.  What we found is that a really good note taking experience where you could loop in other team members was actually more used.  So after 3 months of development we cut it from truLeads.  Again, we don’t care if we don’t have every feature under the sun… we want truLeads to be something most people enjoy using and get a lot out of it.

You know what I hear most often when talking to potential customers?  They have tried SalesForce or InfusionSoft or Zoho… and they all feel like they are too complicated.  When they see truLeads they instantly love it because of its simplicity.

Does simplicity mean that we don’t have rich, robust features?  Absolutely not.  We have some very cool and powerful features that our customers love such as laser targeted email drip campaigns, notes that allow you to loop in other team members, workflows that let you see important stats at a glance, easy-to-use mobile apps, simple reporting and much more!

If you are tired of using complicated CRM’s and want to use something that is simple and does the job well then give truLeads a run… I’m sure if you love simple software you will love truLeads!